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Welcome to the world of science!

Dear visitor,

in the past, an education was available to only a privileged few. Today, however, that is not the case. Thanks to continued technological development, the Internet has become a forum to expand the dissemination of knowledge throughout the world.

   Dr. Giuseppe Zanardo

Many dedicated webmasters have freely devoted their time and
energy to further the knowledge of the public and to empower them.
I feel it is important that these people are recognized for their effort.

With your input and help, I hope to collect and catalogue the best scientific resources on the Internet, and at the year’s end, to choose
the winner of the Science-Web-Award 2003. I welcome both your suggestions and your participation as jury members.

If nothing more, I hope you will enjoy some of the greatest projects that the scientific world has to offer on the web.

With kindest regards,

Dr. Giuseppe Zanardo


Astronomy (13) Biology (6) Physics (5)
Chemistry (7) Mathematics (10) Medicine (6)
Earth Sciences (11) Social Sciences (7) Technology (9)

Science-Web-Award: For Extraordinary Effort All projects nominated for the Science-Web-Award will receive the Science-Web-Award seal
"For Extraordinary Effort" to display on their website. Science-Web-Award is gaining recognition on the web as its reputation continues to spread.
Receiving this seal is an honor that webmasters can be proud to display.

Winner of the Science Web Award 2002
Winner of the Science Web Award 2002

Voted for the Science Web Award 2002 by our jury members: by
at Kettering University.