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Become a jury member!

Do you believe it is important to acknowledge the efforts made by different webmasters? If so, you may contribute to Science-Web-Award by becoming a jury member.

You neednít worry about having special skills. The only requirement is that you take your role seriously.

Your tasks:
  1. Jury members will be assigned a particular category in which to vote. When it is time to choose the winner of the Science-Web-Award 2003, members will have a week to vote for their favorite project in that assigned categories.

  2. After winners have been chosen in each category, jury members will have an additional week to vote for the winner of the Science-Web-Award 2003.

  3. Jury members are not required to select new projects for their categories. However, any suggestions they could offer would be appreciated.
If you wish to become a jury member, please fill out a contact form and indicate which category you would like to judge.